Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sell WorldMark by Wyndham

                              Sell WorldMark Timeshare

You can sell your WorldMark timeshare. The good thing is you are not required to pay any up-front fees. Many timeshare owners are told over and over about the value of their timeshare ownership, only to pay outrageous fees and never hear a word.

As a WorldMark by Wyndham owner, you have power

WorldMark has one of the highest resale values of any timeshare ownership. You can, in some cases, get close to what you initially paid for your timeshare. When you want to sell WorldMark visit to get some help without paying fees. Too many owners have spent thousands of dollars for nothing. They pay and pay and never get their timeshare sold.

Stop paying fees to sell your worldmark timeshare

You can see all the info warning against this on the timeshare users group or TUG. Even WorldMark Wyndham has their own page dealing with the timeshare scams that abound.